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Fresh Local All Natural Milk

Glass Bottled

At Crystal Springs Creamery our milk is bottled in glass bottles. While a lot of people love to see our milk in glass bottles, they may wonder what our reasons for choosing glass bottles are. Well, first of all, the taste of the milk is so much better straight out of glass, rather than out of plastic. Milk can take on the taste of the plastic, and the plastic can leak chemicals into the milk.

The second reason for choosing glass is that the milk stays cooler in the glass bottles, making it taste so much fresher! And also, by choosing to use glass, we cut back on adding to landfills and also eliminate extra waste. Please rinse the bottles and return them to any location that sells Crystal Springs milk, where you’ll receive a deposit. We will collect the bottles and take them back to our plant, where we sanitize and reuse them. Taste the Difference!

Low Temperature Vat Pasteurization

Here at Crystal Springs Creamery, we choose to use the old-fashioned method of Low Temperature Vat Pasteurization. Vat pasteurization is a slower process and requires a lot of extra attention, but the quality of the finished product is worth the effort! The standard method of pasteurization these days is high temperature, high volume which unfortunately kills beneficial enzymes as well as the bacteria. With our method of low temp vat pasteurization, we heat the milk at a lower temp for a longer period. This process preserves the milks natural attributes that our bodies need, while destroying the harmful bacteria. The delicious, fresh flavor of the milk is preserved by the lower temperature. During the vat pasteurization process, the milk is heated to a minimum of 145 F and held there for 30 minutes. The milk is immediately cooled and bottled.

Also, many people who are lactose intolerant can drink vat pasteurized milk. Why? Well, pasteurizing milk at a lower temperature preserves the enzymes that aid the digestion of the milk, which makes it easier for those with lactose intolerance to digest the milk. The Non-homogenized Vat pasteurized milk has been found to be especially easier to digest, since it has been left in its natural state, and has went through a minimal amount of processing.

Creamline Milk

While we do homogenize a lot of our milk, we also offer a Nonhomogenized milk which we refer to as creamline milk. Milk in its natural state will develop a layer of cream on the top. Homogenization is a method that gives the milk a balanced consistency, which eliminates the need to shake it up before drinking. Non-homogenized milk has a clean fresh delicious flavor. It is also considered to be healthier, since the structure of the milk has not been changed, therefore making it easier to deliver the important nutrients to the body. Because of this, those who are lactose intolerant have found that they are able to drink creamline milk. If you have a lactose intolerance, try Crystal Spring’s milk, and let us know about your experience! We’d love to hear from you.