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Crystal Springs Creamery started with the dream of providing families with fresh and healthy dairy products. Family-owned and operated, we hold to our standards of producing only the best products for our customers. Located in the countryside of Osceola, Indiana, we cultivate crops, milk cows, and process cheese and yogurt right in our own creamery. In 2019, we began selling our glass-bottled milk, and in the spring of 2022, we started selling our farm-fresh ice cream.

From our home to yours, we are passionate about creating high-quality dairy products that are delicious and nutritious for you! We make Crystal Springs Creamery products in small batches—with minimal processing—paying attention to every detail.

Rich and creamy, our exceptionally fresh milk comes from cows that are never treated with any growth hormones or rBST. Our happy Holsteins live a comfortable life, and their diet consists of alfalfa, corn, and grass—grown right in the fields surrounding our farm.

In 2017, our vision began with the desire to share preservative-free, homemade yogurt with other families. Our dream became a reality after the addition of a creamery and our now-famous Farm Store. Today, Crystal Springs Creamery continues sharing wholesome, nutrient-rich dairy products with countless families across Northern Indiana.

6 Steps to Fresh

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Plant the Seed

It all starts with planting corn and alfalfa seeds in the fields surrounding our family farm.
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Harvesting corn

Harvest the Crop

Throughout the summer and into the fall, the crops are harvested and blended together to make the perfect diet for our cows.
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Milk the Cows

Our Crystal Springs farm is home to 300 Holstein cows. We milk our cows three times a day, and each batch of milk is quickly cooled down to 36° before being pumped into the processing plant.
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Vat of milk

Process the Milk

During the processing stage, we use low temperature vat pasteurization to maintain the rich flavor of our fresh milk.
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Bottling milk in glass jars

Bottle the Milk

We use glass instead of plastic bottles because glass doesn't alter our milk's fresh flavor. Plus, our premium glass bottles keep our milk colder longer than plastic bottles and are 100% recyclable!
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Pouring milk in mug

Enjoy Fresh Milk!

Once we’ve stocked the milk, you can grab a bottle (or two), pour a glass of your favorite flavor and enjoy!


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